Dear EVERYONE that has helped us throughout this last year,

I want you to understand with complete sincerity and an open heart: You folks are the best! I have never met a group of people so willing to help out another person with as much effort and enthusiasm as you have helped us out this year. As we ran equipment from one rental facility to another, you helped unload and opened the doors for us, even in the freezing cold. When we practiced in the park for a week because we didn’t have any other place to go, you didn’t leave us and say ‘they’ll never make it’ like I heard in my head for so long. Instead you brought a grill and burgers and we had a barbecue that we will never forget. You stood with us through thick and thin; you shone brighter than I could ever imagine. You helped us bring equipment in and set up carpet, equipment, mats, the pit, put together the tumble track, take apart the tumble track, and put the tumble track back together. So for you all I can say is:

Thank you!

I don’t think we could have done this without you. We are forever grateful for your help to help us achieve our dream. We hope for many years to repay this debt of honor to you all.

Empowered Athletics

But really this is from Joe and Emily.