Hey there!

Thanks for checking in with us! A lot has happened lately, and we appreciate you checking us out. As of June 1st, the gym is still closed 😦 but we are looking like we are on the right track to be able to open up for some of summer!

The Governor released an update today, and while many things are reopening, Gymnastics training is not one of them. We are looking into avenues to appease this, but we are not there yet, and we want to remain safe. Safety is our main goal! …well, that and FUN :).

While we are gearing up to get back into the gym, we do have to wait for the OK. We are ready for classes, but all classes are subject to changes according to the State.

Thank you for your time and understanding in this difficult time. Thank you for all of the support we have seen as well!

Empowered Athletics

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