The boys team at Empowered Athletics has placed FIRST at the State and Regional Competitions (Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky). It is through a mixture of hard work, discipline, and fun that we achieve this status.

We have levels 3-9 currently at the gym and many of the boys have been with us since we have opened (5 years!). We have many State and Regional champions both as individuals and as a team.

Why Should I Put My Son In Gymnastics?

Gymnastics is progressive sport where the children learn many life lessons. Hard work, play, games, perseverance, goal setting, courage, and confidence to name a few. These are coupled with basics of all sports: strength, coordination, speed, and flexibility. There is no better ground work for other sports than gymnastics. No other sport judges you on running form while at the same time awarding you for doing difficult tasks well as an individual WHILE your team is cheering you on and is happy for your success. Time and effort is put into every aspect of gymnastics from warm up to cool down.

Gymnasts are capable of great physical feats. As with most sports not all kids grow up to be college gymnasts. Instead many of them are able to jump into high school sports without much issue as their ground work has made them spectacular athletes at any sport. Gymnastics lays a foundation for future success.

Gymnastics is also great for those hyper boys who can’t seem to focus on anything for very long. This is a sprint sport and hyper kids do well here. The speed a hyperactive child has can be harnessed from a scattershot to a laser. Practices are tiring and help them use their energy up in a productive manner before going to bed.


Our head boys coach, Coach Joe, has been coaching for over 15 years. He is dedicated to the sport and has helped kids become state and regional champions every year. His favorite event is Parallel Bars.

How to Join the Team?

We have a team try out at our facility on Thursday April 21st at 4:30-5:30pm. Each evaluation will be a few minutes long and checks physical to mental abilities. We will let you know via email on Monday the 25th if your child has made the team or not. No need to reserve your spot just come in during those times and we will get you all set.