Boys Team

Gymnastics is just as beneficial for boys as it is for girls. In fact, gymnastics started out as Greek warrior training alongside the rest of the original Olympic sports. Because of the difficulty of the sport, athletes not only learn strength, coordination, and flexibility, but they also develop confidence, discipline, and goal setting abilities.

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The basics of Men’s Gymnastics

27066813_1571531382960010_5476328594262843717_n6 Events

  • Floor – A large floor where athletes do a combinations of flips and twists!
  • Pommel Horse (or Mushroom) – The hardest event in gymnastics
  • Still Rings – Where the guys do the iron cross. Crossfit does the rings too.
  • Vault – Run REALLY fast at a stationary object and do cool things over it.
  • Parallel Bars – Put two strong sticks close together, and a boy will play on it.
  • Horizontal Bar – That one where they do the crazy things over a metal bar.

10.0+ SystemMuscles

  • Everyone asks, “WHAT HAPPENED TO THE 10.0 system?” Well, its still there, but now the Men’s program rewards the gymnast for doing difficult things and doing them well. It helps to think of the 10.0 as the execution score and the difficulty as the challenge value of the routine that gets added at the end (10.0 + Difficulty = Score). That’s how it works (basically).

Empowered Athletics Men’s Champs 2022

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