Girls Team

Gymnastics is THE sport for girls! Not only does it build strength, coordination, and flexibility, but it gives girls the confidence, courage, and creativity needed to be able to tackle life head-on. We help our athletes develop these qualities by our structured lesson plans that push a kid on their strengths and build up their weaknesses. We also follow the Xcel program, which differs from the regular compulsory program. In the compulsory program, a kid is made to fit into a mold, and if they don’t fit the mold, they can’t level up, or compete new skills! In the Xcel program, athletes aren’t held down to the boredom and tedium of other programs. A child gets to create their own, custom beam/floor routine with their coach, and if they get a new skill, they can put it in their routine immediately and enjoy the sport to its fullest!


Xcel Gymnastics

Our Xcel program is a fantastic way for kids to strive towards a better tomorrow. Xcel gymnastics is comprised of the four main events of girls gymnastics.

  • Floor – The event where girls get to choreograph a powerful and graceful routine to music
  • Uneven Bars – The arm strength event that involves a lot of jumping from bar to bar all nimbly like.
  • Balance Beam – Where you do flips over a four inch beam!
  • Vault – That one where you run at full speed and do flippies over the table

In Xcel gymnastics the kids learn how get stronger, more flexible, and confident in their abilities and themselves.

Our Leotardsocean

Our leotards are based on the designs created by the kids. Our current competitive leotard was designed by Ocean. She is a creative force that hopes to influence the design industry one day!