Recreational Classes

Our recreational classes are SUPER! Each class runs for a season, which is three months long and divides our program into 4 easy to remember seasons: Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring.

Over the course of three months, your child will be able to develop skills and form that is needed to help them advance safely to the next level. Through these skills and form they develop they will learn routines that they will be able to present at the end of each season.


If you want to sign up for a 40 minute class, you’ll pay $45 per month. The 55 minute class is $60 per month, and a 90 minute class is $90 per month.

Annual Membership Fee
$35 per year
20% OFF birthday parties
20% OFF open gym
Able to participate in classes
Able to compete at seasonal meets

Can I join mid season?

YES, YOU CAN! There are no late fees for joining after the class season has started.

Is there a uniform requirement?

At the entry level classes, we just ask that the athletes wear tight-fitting athletic clothing. For classes beyond entry level, we will have a uniform requirement. To help the children develop responsibility, we suggest that they be in charge of their uniform. For Super Boys-2, the uniform consists of a ‘Step-in’ or ‘uniform’ which is what all competitive athletes wear as well. The girls will be required to wear a leotard. We have all of this available for you in our gym!


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Recreational Staff

All of our staff is USA Gymnastics certified, Safe Sport certified,  and has passed our rigorous, in-house training program. You may even have two coaches in your class at a time so that one can learn how to be a better staff member with no additional costs to you!