Recreational Classes

Our recreational classes are SUPER!


If you want to sign up for a 40 minute class, you’ll pay $45 per month. The 55 minute class is $60 per month, and a 90 minute class is $90 per month.

Annual Membership Fee
$35 per year
20% OFF birthday parties
20% OFF open gym
Able to participate in classes
Able to compete at seasonal meets

Can I join mid season?

YES, YOU CAN! There are no late fees for joining after the class season has started.

Is there a uniform requirement?

At the entry level classes, we just ask that the athletes wear tight-fitting athletic clothing. For classes beyond entry level, we will have a uniform requirement. To help the children develop responsibility, we suggest that they be in charge of their uniform. For Super Boys-2, the uniform consists of a ‘Step-in’ or ‘uniform’ which is what all competitive athletes wear as well. The girls will be required to wear a leotard. We have all of this available for you in our gym!


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