Toddler Activities

Ages 0-3 are such precious years. They are learning so many new things, trying to do some big things, and while they aren’t afraid of taking those big falls, sometimes it gives us pause. At Empowered Athletics our facility is padded and soft to allow all of their learning bumps to have a little less ouch and get them back out to play. We offer two new fun activities for you to help with their learning!


SUPER PARENTS with SUPER TODDLERS – Ages 18 months to 3 years old
Yes, you’ve made it this far through parenthood! Way to go! Now this is the FUN motor development stage. There is a lot of learning that can be done, but SUPER MOM or SUPER DAD still needs to be there alongside the little one. During this class we work on things from colors, shapes, numbers, coupled with walking, rolling, cartwheeling, arm strength, and balance! Give us a call to try it out!

$45 for 40 min
Wednesday Morning at 9:30am

Wednesday Afternoon at 4:30 pm